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Chocolate Sprouts

The existence of this site is a consequence of too much spare time and
too much thought.

It is concerned with the “Human Condition” – just how and why our
big brain has got us into the mess we are in, when you might
 reasonably expect it to produce Utopia.

A big brain offers cleverness. A big brain offers wisdom. We seem to
have gone, progressively, down the cleverness route at the expense
of wisdom. Cleverness, I suggest, is cerebral junk-food in contrast
to the wholefood of wisdom.

Is the answer to the ills of mankind to make wisdom as “tasty” as
cleverness; a chocolate flavoured sprout?  Or might it be a little
more complicated?

Imagine we are standing on someone’s living-room carpet, just met, and
I am coming out with all this stuff. Have a poke round the site and
tell me what you think?

email Barrie at Barriesingleton.co.uk

O f   B e d s

As the oyster yields a pearl
man invents.
Neither realises their fecundity
is rooted in irritation:
of one - the body
of the other - the mind.
Man kills the oyster
for its pearl.
And kills his own World
for that eureka moment of invention.

Don quixote
© 2006 Barrie Singleton. All rights reserved.